Monday, August 3, 2015

Aberoth Prison

Aberoth is a prison.

Every player literally starts out as a prisoner. Whether guilty, or falsely accused and unjustly imprisoned, we may never know for sure.

After "escaping" our cells, we are confined to relatively small hallways, yards, and tunnels - often drab and unadorned.

One of Aberoth's many enclosed,  lonely, depressing spaces.

While roaming these often claustrophobic pathways, you are forced to always be on-guard, lest you fall victim to the population of murderers and thieves, and get shanked for what little goods you may have on your person.

Pictured: An unprovoked murder of a new player by an established one.

Although there are always exceptions, Aberoth's inmates tend to come from some degree of poverty, are often under-educated, and can be quite unfriendly. 

Two prisoners attempt to have an argument in English.

I ask one particularly friendly person what there is to do for recreation in Aberoth Prison.

Aberoth is underfunded, and although its warden means well, he can only do so much to attend to his prisoners wants and needs. For now, the only place that is both safe and private, is literally a hole in the ground, where you are forced to live in squalor, piling your belongings loosely upon the ground. It feels that we have just traded one cell, for another.

Due to the lack of guards and minimal infrastructure, Aberoth's residents come together to form prison gangs, from which they can gain security and strength. Many of these gangs are violent, and prey upon the weaker and less fortunate.

Two gang members demand to "inspect" my helmet, suspecting it is stolen property.

In environments like Aberoth, it seems almost inevitable that people become 'hard'; eventually embittered by repeatedly being lied to, back-stabbed, stolen from, and murdered - over and over again. In time, a person who came into Aberoth with the kindest of hearts, may find that very heart run cold...

Aberoth is a prison.